Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Me Too, Flower!

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Episode one a bit confusing for me. Hard for me to understand. It give me excitement but not as much as Flower Boy Ramyun SoupSeriously, can’t remove the image of Kim Tak Gufrom Yoo Shi Yoon. Sinopsis boleh baca di Me Too, Flower! @ Drama Wiki.
There sweet thing in episode 8. Something that make me envious? Make me goosebumps? Chincayo. Let me share. Tada!

pinjam dari dramabeans
Seriously, aku tak sangka yang director boleh suruh buat screen macam ni. Sangat sweetokay. Lepas beberapa episode barulah aku dapat removed bayangan Kim Tak Gu dari Yoo Shi YoonSeriously dia nampak awet muda coz still nampak sama macam masa drama Baker King Kim Tak Gu.
Yang pastinya dia memang pelakon berbakat. Expressi matanya memang nampak kalau dia marah, sedih, kecewa, gembira. Aku dapat rasa passion between Seo Jae Hee and Cha Bong Sun. Feel their love, anger, sadness.
Final episode make me cry a lots. I think the sweet thing is two person sleep in a single bed(tak ada kaitan >.< ) Drama ni sangat berbeza dengan Flower Boy Ramyun SoupFirst few episode of FBRS make me excited but ending a bit boring while MTF start a bit boring but ending is great.
And the cutest thing in this drama is Gi Kwang (Beast)Seriously, sangat cute okay. But still tak dapat lawan my YoseobLast but not least for this drama, antara my favourite quote:
A person may not survive without food. A person won’t die by merely seeing one less person – Cha Bong Sun
Mother for family do tasty food. Father for family do one less wind port.
The one that want to be loved will love others. The one that want to be in love will love others as well. The one in pain need love. The one that were hurt in the past need to love as well so that they aren’t hurt again. Romance. Is treatment romance clouds south white medicine. Knowing how to love and be loved.

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